Strong Sport Performance with featured maker, John Strong

SSPFirst time attendee, John Strong, of Strong Sport Performance, is attending Buffalo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, May 20th, to display, The Strong Spot, a swing trainer that has the potential to increase a hitter’s swing speed. He was kind enough to answer some questions about his business, product, and advice for future makers.

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you got started as an inventor/maker?

I’m a trainer and physical educator by trade. I guess I’ve always thought about new inventions or re-purposing existing products; I honestly feel like a lot of people do.  Musings that sound like, “hey wouldn’t it be cool if…” are pretty natural, but many times nothing comes of it.  This time for me it did! I thought of a way to improve on the training practices of my boys and I put that idea into action.

  1. What is the first thing a new inventor/maker should consider?

Building on my last answer I would say the idea of, “why not?”  So many times folks just “figure it’s already been done”.  Sure most times they’re right, but sometimes they’re wrong.  And even just doing the research to find out whether or not their idea is already out there will either lead them to find and use a product they wouldn’t have otherwise known about, or lead them to invent something that we can all share in to improve our lives in some way.

  1. Are you selling products? What sorts of licensing/patents do you have in place?

The Strong Spot is definitely for sale.  They retail for $500, just over the cost of a new high end bat.  I have a US patent and an EIN so I’m ready for folks to adopt it!

  1. What has been your greatest success in business?

Actually just putting Strong Sports Performance ( together as an LLC is my greatest accomplishment so far.  The process of beginning a new business is fraught with things that most folks don’t know about or consider or both.  I’m happy with my first year and am hoping that some sales perk up year two!

  1. What advice would you offer fellow inventors/makers who are in the beginning stages of development?

Enjoy the problems that you will inevitably come across.  Treat it like a puzzle that you’re enjoying completing not a maze that you have to escape because your life’s depending on it.  The more stress you heap onto your problems the more challenging they’ll seem to solve because you won’t have all your available mental resources at your disposal. And also good luck 🙂

Don’t miss John Strong, Saturday, May 20th at Buffalo Mini Maker Faire where you too can test your swing and see how The Strong Spot can help you!

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