Pill Bug Composting with featured makers, Brianna Gore and Tegan Ohlson

Featured Makers, Brianna Gore and Tegan Ohlson, are making special bins to create a habitat for pill bugs that will allow them to compost food scrap wastes. Brianna was kind enough to discuss with us the duos work and share advice for future makers.

1. Tell me a little about yourself and how you got started as an inventor/maker?

In fourth grade both I and Tegan were inspired by our enrichment teacher, Mrs. Honeck, to start thinking more creatively and out of the box. Then we had a Creation Fair where we made a huge art project where we drew cats in the style of Minecraft.

2. What is the first thing a new inventor/maker should consider?

They should consider changing how they think.  Think up as many ideas as you can and don’t be afraid to use them.  If you put it on paper follow through and make it a reality.

3. Are you selling products? What sorts of licensing/patents do you have in place?

Not at the moment, but we are working on it.

4. What has been your greatest success in business?

My greatest success in business was raising over $1000 at school for Spanish Club.

5. What advice would you offer other inventors/makers developing or wanting to develop products?

Don’t just think of your ideas and create.  Make sure you have people, a team, who support you.  People who won’t put you down, but will encourage you and your creativity in life and business.

Don’t forget to check them out at Buffalo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday, May 20th where they will have a display about pill bugs: what they really are, why they are good for our gardens and what it means when we find them in our homes!

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