Call For Makers is Open!

You’re Invited!

Save the date!   Join us Saturday, March 1, 2014 for a family-friendly day of fun showcasing the amazing diversity of makers across the greater Niagara region.   You’ll have wonderful time learning and doing at Buffalo’s first official Maker Faire!

Call for Makers is Closing Soon!  Closes February 1st, 2014

Over 35 Makers have already applied, don’t be left out. The Call for Makers ends soon, submit your application HERE.

Share your Maker know-how and enthusiasm!  We’re especially interested in interactive and hands-on opportunities for attendees.   We want to showcase a diverse set of makers, presenters and performers including:

  • Robotics; Lego FIRST or other robotic clubs
  • 3D printing enthusiasts
  • Woodworkers
  • Mobile app designers
  • Arduino enthusiasts
  • Food makers, growers & foragers
  • Drone enthusiasts and builders
  • Knitters, weavers & yarn bombers
  • Solar engineers
  • Artists & sculptors
  • Fashion designers
  • Musicians and performers
  • Costume makers and cosplayers
  • Art car designers and art bike builders
  • Bee Keepers
  • Musical instrument makers
  • STEM educators & presenters
  • Artisanacraftspeople
  • Young Makers
  • Giant game makers
  • Lego builders
  • Inventors and tinkerers
  • Many more!

Visit the Call for Makers page to learn more or jump straight to the Call for Makers Registration Page to register as a maker.

6 responses to “Call For Makers is Open!

  1. Phillippa Powers

    SO looking forward to the 1st Maker Faire in Buffalo. Could a summer Maker Camp be next? Thanks for organizing this!

    • Phillippa Powers

      The Maker Faire was awesome! We traveled from Rochester and will hopefully do so again next year. I understand you had over 2300 people – congratulations. Next year would you consider a two day event with the first day as a ‘preview day’ for Buffalo Museum of Science members and/or Maker enthusiasts only? I am a member of the RCSC but would purchase the Buffalo Museum of Science membership just to see everything the day before. Thanks again!

  2. Welcome to the Buffalo Maker Community, I know for the last two years Make has offered an online Summer Camp and I assume they will again this year. The Buffalo Museum of Science is currently planning their summer camps and I also hear that Buffalo’s Makerspace Buffalo Labs at the Foundry just down the street may be planning some activities too, so keep an eye out and visit their websites, and sign up for their newsletters for more information.

  3. My kids and I are looking forward to this. We’ve just gotten into understanding the Maker Movement. My kids are always creating crafts be it a puppet show booth, writing books, or using Minecraft to create massive virtual worlds, but this Christmas the older kids got a Raspberry Pi, Arduino, various sensors, a box of analog electronic parts, breadboards, and such , while my youngest got Robot Turtles. All three love using the bread boards, and quickly found out why resistors are important (blew up a whole bunch of LEDs). Now we have a subscritpion to Make Magazine, and we’re gathering the parts to Make Coffeebots. We ripped apart an old computer the other day and found that the old CD drive had 2 motors complete with gears that my son now is already planning on trying to expand on the CoffeeBots. When I I heard about this the kids got really excited, so even though we’re about an hour and a half south of Buffalo, we’ll be seeing you there!

    • I am glad to hear it! I am finding that people don’t know what “making” is, but you prove there are so many of us out there doing this that the Maker Faire is perfect for. We are just about set to start approving our makers and will soon have announcements of some of our major Makers. We’ll see you in March!

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