The final list of makers is in!

Buffalo Makers

More Makers Announced!

Here are 18 more Makers to look forward to seeing on March 1!

Elmwood Franklin School
The only official Young Maker Club in Buffalo, these students ages 8-14 will set up a Squishy Circuit Clay Bar, show visitors how to make Glow Art with circuits and project Glodoodle, the MIT system that allows people to paint with light.

North Ridge FanForce
These Star Wars fans from Buffalo make the armor, props, and “droids” to bring Star Wars to life.

ORD Solutions 5 Color 3D Printer 
ORD Solutions presents the first 5 color/material 3D Printer suitable for makers and small run manufacturing. The MH3000 is made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum and high quality components.

Photography for the Family with the Science Museum Camera Club
Get a souvenir photo of you and your family at the inaugural Buffalo Mini Maker Faire and learn how you can create incredible photos with the Science Museum Camera Club.

Pursa V2 3D Printing
See the Prusa V2 3D printer in action!

Scratch Built Replica R2D2 by Phantom Computers
Phantom Computers of Dunkirk, NY presents a functioning droid that moves forward, backward, left and right, has a gripper arm with wrist, hand and claw action, holographic projectors, and senses motion and sound so he can talk and interact with people. 

Scratch E-car
What as a wooden model car is powered by a Scratch-built electric motor. Learn how to build an electric two-pole motor from steel, copper wire, and magnets with some electric power from AA batteries. WHY build one? A cool project to learn how a motor works and design a cool toy to play with.

Based in Buffalo, NY, Sylvatica specializes in artfully displaying plants and oddities in unique Terrariums made from mostly up-cycled and reused glassware. Each piece has a history and a story. They require minimum care and each plant has been selected to flourish in its respective environment. All plants and materials have been harvested in the most sustainable way possible.

Featured at the World Maker Faire in New York City, TakeItApart provides visitors the opportunity to disassemble a number of donated gadgets without fear of breaking their own machines or electronics. Their website-in-the-making, will be a place for the world to share photo-driven dis-assembly guides to learn how to take apart everyday things, and what you can do once you’re inside.

Terrariums in Reused Materials with Pembroke Jr. Sr. High School
The Pembroke Jr. Sr. High School Science Club will help participants make terrariums in found, reusable and/or recyclable objects such as bottles, jars and cans. Bring your own found object or use one of theirs and take a little piece of nature and science home with you!

The Foundry
The Foundry is a small green business incubator and creative community located on the East side of Buffalo that fosters self-sufficiency and resourcefulness by providing opportunities to build individual and community capacity through encouraging new ideas, connections and education. The 25,000 sq ft warehouse serves 22 newly created small businesses, many of which are women owned and operated, dozens more small businesses through monthly markets and many youth through a job training program. They also serve hundreds of visitors at special events as well as volunteers, local musicians, artists, and traveling performers. Their motto is “Start Doing,” which goes hand-in-hand with this Maker-Faire!

Too Many Projects
Too Many Projects presents a collection of cool inventions and ideas, including a Peace Bridge Traffic iOS app, a computer for scuba divers, the world’s first thermoelectrically cooled, microprocessor pillow, and more.

Toothpick World
View a collection of over 20 famous buildings from around the world all built to the same 1:164 scale–all out of toothpicks.

Ultra Hoops
Learn how to make a hula hoop with irrigation tubing and fancy tape before testing it out and discovering new uses like stretching and exercising.

University at Buffalo Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja Team
Baja SAE is an intercollegiate engineering design competition for undergraduate and graduate engineering students. The object of the competition is to simulate real-world engineering design projects and their related challenges. Each team is competing to have its design accepted for manufacture by a fictitious firm. The students must function as a team to design, engineer, build, test, promote and compete with a vehicle within the limits of the rules. They must also generate financial support for their project and manage their educational priorities!baja/ckiy

Vader Systems Direct to Metal 3D Printing
Vader Systems Demonstrating a revolutionary 3D printing technology called Liquid Metal Jet Printing using molten aluminum.

Now Featuring the All New HD^2 Desktop 3D Printer! See 3D printing demonstrations and get answers to common printing questions and learn printing tips and tricks! All products are made in the USA by ‘Plastics Engineers’ specializing in 3D Printing Filaments.

Furniture and Home Goods crafted from materials reclaimed in the City of Buffalo!

More to come!

First 20 Makers Announced

We’re happy to announce the first twenty Makers attending the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire! More Makers will be announced next week.

Azariah’s Innocence
Natural bath and body products made by a Young Maker.

Battle Bots
Two combat robots that went to battle at Robogames 2013 in San Mateo, CA.

Beeker Blender The Circuit Bender
Learn how to create NEW, never-before heard sounds from old electronics through a process called Circuit Bending.

The Buffalo Knitting Guild Charity Blanket Square
Featuring hand knit items and demonstrations of different knitting techniques, and even yarn spinning. Guests can  help complete squares for a charity blanket to be donated to Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Buffalo Lab Learn to Solder Workshop
Learn to solder like a pro, a key maker skill for making electronic circuits, robots, jewelry and many other cool projects. After learning the basics of using a soldering iron, build a simple electronic badge to wear around the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire.  Fee for the kit is $5.

Tinkering School Buffalo Building Puzzlers         
Use household objects to build a suspension bridge made of clothes pins and tested for strength with a different weights.

Clay Sculpture, Lego House for Super Heroes, Paper Models and Rock Art
Young Maker siblings Hannah, Noah and Mary show off their projects, including hand-painted clay sculptures,  a Lego house built for super heroes, paper models and rock art.

Western New York Book Arts Center Digital and Analog Printing
Learn the history and process of letterpress printing, from the antique and analog to cutting-edge and digital means. Print your very own letterpress piece on a table-top platen press!

Doro Studios
Concrete decor, handcrafted earrings, art prints and more.  

Explore the World of MakerBot 3D Printing with Microsoft             
Learn about the many uses of 3D printing, a brief history and terminology, and come away with ideas on how it can apply to your creative and business worlds. 

The Wool Merchant’s Knitting Corner  
A variety of knitting methods demonstrated and techniques displayed.

Make  A Simple Blank Book with Hayes Creative @ The Foundry             
Learn the basics of bookbinding – material selection, tools, paper folding and cutting, cover decoration, sewing and finishing.

Maker Junior    
Learn about technology by making fun projects that combine traditional arts and crafts materials with technical tools and components. Winner of the Educator’s Choice award at World Maker Faire 2013 in New York City.

Maker State      
Empowering kids with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills. Makers level up, game-style through six masteries–Engineer, Wordsmith, Programmer, Designer, Impact Artist, and Social Entrepreneur, and demonstrate their purpose-driven learning for real world audiences every day.

Avian Architecture         
Learn about metal sculpting, including wax and sand casting techniques that have been used for centuries to mold and pour hot metal into forms along with more methods.

Mindberry Pi’s Alldayeveryday
A proof-of-concept combination of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and NeuroSky. Encouraging creativity and teamwork with technology to inspire blue sky ideas and bring them to reality.

Model Bridge Tester
This device tests the structural efficiency of a model bridge, truss, or beam.  Guest can build their own model bridge and use the device test their efficiency.”

Nickel City Cycles
Handmade custom bicycle frames.


Buffalo Mini Maker Faire article in WNY Family Magazine

The Buffalo Mini Maker Faire has been featured in the February issue of WNY Family Magazine . Check out the article for some great information about family-friendly activities at the Buffalo Museum of Science on March 1.

WNY Family Magazine Article

First Niagara Foundation to Sponsor Buffalo Mini Maker Faire

First Niagara Foundation will support the Buffalo Mini Maker Faire at the Buffalo Museum of Science as an Ultimate Maker sponsor. Thank you for your commitment to the community and our event!

First Niagara Foundation

50 Makers Have Applied!

We’ve done it! As of this morning, 50 Makers have applied for our (not so) Mini Maker Faire.  From electric vehicles, knitters, programmers, 3-D printers, terrariums, circuits, Legos, Star Wars, wood crafters, and many more. The official call ends Feb. 1st and we know there are more makers out there. Apply now!

We’d love to see some dress making/fashion students, computer game designers and more robots. If you know anyone, send them to


You’re Invited!

Save the date!   Join us Saturday, March 1, 2014 for a family-friendly day of fun showcasing the amazing diversity of makers across the greater Niagara region.   You’ll have wonderful time learning and doing at Buffalo’s first official Maker Faire!

Call for Makers is Closing Soon!  Closes February 1st, 2014

Over 35 Makers have already applied, don’t be left out. The Call for Makers ends soon, submit your application HERE.

Share your Maker know-how and enthusiasm!  We’re especially interested in interactive and hands-on opportunities for attendees.   We want to showcase a diverse set of makers, presenters and performers including:

  • Robotics; Lego FIRST or other robotic clubs
  • 3D printing enthusiasts
  • Woodworkers
  • Mobile app designers
  • Arduino enthusiasts
  • Food makers, growers & foragers
  • Drone enthusiasts and builders
  • Knitters, weavers & yarn bombers
  • Solar engineers
  • Artists & sculptors
  • Fashion designers
  • Musicians and performers
  • Costume makers and cosplayers
  • Art car designers and art bike builders
  • Bee Keepers
  • Musical instrument makers
  • STEM educators & presenters
  • Artisanacraftspeople
  • Young Makers
  • Giant game makers
  • Lego builders
  • Inventors and tinkerers
  • Many more!

Visit the Call for Makers page to learn more or jump straight to the Call for Makers Registration Page to register as a maker.